Monday, June 25, 2012

10 Weeks - What Have We Done???

Took the pup to board today - that was hard. She weighed in at 10 lbs 3 oz. That is a gain of 1 lb 13 oz in 5 days if the scale is accurate. Hmmm, that is scary. That is a BIG dog gain. The hopeful thing is Michele, owner of Pets Inn Paradise, says she thinks Maggie is a Beagle - Shepherd cross. If you average weights that is a manageable size dog.

Speaking of Pets Inn Paradise, we have been very happy with their boarding facility. They are cage free. How do they get that to work? They also do rescues, something we didn't know when we got Maggie.

She is a leggy thing now. What a difference from the little wiggler we brought home. She is fielding grounders like a pro; brings them back and drops them at my feet 8 out of 10 throws. She has wonderful balance. We watched the last couple of escapes from her exercise pen. She would throw her paws over the top and work her back paws up. She would balance at the top until her courage was up then jump/fall on the other side. We got a BIG wire crate after that. I am not getting up every three hours at night for potty call.

Next post - puppy condo!

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