Thursday, July 12, 2012

Many, many pees - UTI quelled for now

A week ago we visited the vet because Maggie had an obvious urinary problem. We got great care, antibiotics, and a special diet. It was a setback because I'd begun some basic training and now could not give her treats because of the diet. The diet which is designed to dissolve crystals in the urinary tract that develop in response to infection. The crystal grit irritates the bladder and causes frequent urination.

Today, hurrah, her urine is bacteria and crystal free! So she came home with at least 3 weeks worth of the Hill's Urinary Tract Health kibble. Only problem is that the first ingredient is corn, something I'm pretty sure is absent from dogs' evolutionary diet. So here is the quandary: to continue with convenient, dry kibble guaranteed to meet standards for pet health - especially since this is a puppy, pursue an "evolutionary" diet that is not nearly so convenient, or do some of both?

Sorry, what follows is a rant

Do you see parallels with the current human diet problems? It seems the further we stray from straightforward, unprocessed food the worse our health becomes. Most of us never gave this stuff a second thought up until a few years ago. About the same time our human diet went astray last century our companion animals became "pets" rather than animals that had to work for a living - dogs guarding our livestock or cats keeping rodents out of our grain. Now a walk down the supermarket pet food aisle is similar to the cereal and personal care aisles - hundreds of products, each with a boatload of obscure ingredients that the manufacturers would have you believe are essential to health.

Stay tuned; more on diet once I've digested enough to make a decision.

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