Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What is she?

Maggie - 9 weeks(?)
That is the most-asked question I get. I answer that she's a pound pup. She was adopted from St. Frances Animal Center, a nonprofit for abandoned and mistreated pets in our county. She was listed as a lab-hound mix. We just thought she was cute.

Her markings and short ears suggest German Shepherd Dog (GSD).  People we encounter at our local PetSmart say that too. The white nose, toes,  and chest blaze suggest beagle, another similarly marked dog, is in the mix according to Michelle at Pets Inn Paradise. Our vet, Bob (& Amy) Hall at Georgetown Animal Clinic, didn't commit; "puppy" was his pronouncement.

We haven't done the doggie DNA test. Don't want to be tempted to expect something we might not get. Not ruling it out but what we have is a really good-natured pup that has our hearts and doesn't bark much at all. Plenty good enough for now. She is curious and attentive, seems happy to watch almost anything.

That said, I have looked at weights for shepherds and beagles, fox, and coon hounds. All are pretty tall (22"-26" at the shoulder) except the beagle (13"-15"). The tall breeds weigh 50-85 lbs; beagles weigh 20-25 lbs. The hounds have fairly long, wide ears and short, flat coats. The GSD has 3 coat varieties, plush, double, and long-haired. Maggie's coat is short and flat now but she is growing guard hairs around and down her legs. Her ears are not very long and don't stand up. Shepherd's ears often don't begin to stand up until 12 weeks, sometimes never.

So, what is she? Your guess is as good as anyone's. Pound pup will do. We've only ever had mixed breed rescues among our many dogs. They have been good and loyal friends with few health problems.

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