Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marrow bones deserve more press!

Am deep into research about doggy diets. Not as a result of Maggie's UTI (urinary tract infection) but because we've had dogs and a couple of cats that could have been more comfortable in their old age. They all ate middle of the road supermarket pet food. Now though, there is so much information about pet diet and there are producers that do lots of well-grounded research. But I digress.

This is about marrow bones. Wonderful, wonderful marrow bones. The picture on the left is from Mikes Organic Food Delivery. I got mine from the supermarket. I can tell you that they provide hours of attention and chewing time, something even a Kong can't do. That is very important for a pup and her human companions. Saves the furniture, shoes, and sanity. Keeps you from doing full-time diversions / corrections and keeps her teeth and gums healthy.

In reading the 50 page (!) Whole Dog Journal's eBook, Home-Prepared Diets for Dogs, I learned that these big, hard, beef bones won't be a good choice for a medium to large adult dog. She would be tempted to chew too hard and damage or knock out teeth. Will keep reading to see about alternatives. Meantime, we are both in heaven.

Oh, food safety, if you store them as you would any perishable meat product (freezer is good) they are fine to give uncooked. In fact, best uncooked so as not to get brittle. You can be sure even a 10 week old pup will clean the thing to bare, hollow bone in an amazingly short time and remain fascinated with it for days.

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