Friday, July 6, 2012

No Pees - a real setback

What could be worse than a puppy peeing every 20 minutes? No peeing at all. That was the situation yesterday. Maggie would squat every time you looked at her, sometimes as many as 3 times a minute, but could only squeeze out a few drops at a time. She was obviously feeling bad and droopy. Fortunately, it was July 5th and our vets could take her early.

Amy Hall, DVM
She had a UTI (urinary tract infection) and many crystals in her urine. The good news was that the infection could be treated with an antibiotic and the crystals are treatable with a special diet for a short period of time (couple of weeks?). What is up in the air is whether she is in the small number of dogs who will continue to have the problem.

Dr. Amy Hall,  Georgetown Animal Clinic, did a great job of 'splaining and we walked out with the prescription and the special food - no muss, no fuss. She was very apologetic that the food is so expensive. We even got a promise that the Clinic would buy back any unused cans. 

On reflection, Maggie may have come to us with a UTI. The things I'd read about house training all said 3-4 weeks of crate training would do it. Right. As I said before, no way I'm getting up and taking her out every 3 hours at night. I have enough trouble sleeping. Besides, she was peeing 3-4 times an hour during the day. I thought that was too much but she was so young and she'd had surgery. I hope this is the extent of the "future problems" our vet mentioned might result from such an early spay.

On a lighter note, Maggie is back today - full bore and 200 mph. Amazing what a difference 24 hours on an antibiotic and $2.50 a day special dog food will make.

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